Search Engine Optimization

The Answers to Your Search Engine Optimization Questions

The Big Question…  How do you market your business online?

The Easy Answer… It’s different for every business.

Not what you expected as the answer?  Look, the reality is that Internet Marketing is many different things, and the best marketing strategy and tactics for one business or website will not work for every business.  Sure, there are similarities, like Search Engine *Friendly* Design and Search Engine “Optimized” Content… but the reality is:  There is no “magic bullet.”

Search Engine Friendly Design

SynerSpect builds websites and marketing pages specifically for Google, with the other search engines in mind.  But we are definitely going after the “lion’s-share” of traffic, by developing for Google.

We utilize Search Engine Friendly design elements and HTML coding, which ensures that you will be found and indexed by Google – with the other major search engines soon to follow.  Our focus on what Google considers to be of great importance when considering the relevance of a Search Engine Friendly Design, requires us to custom configure the important HTML elements, like the Page URL’s, Title Tags, Alt Tags, Meta Tags, Heading Tags, and even the sitemaps.

The foundation of any Internet Marketing Success is the Search Engine Friendly design and coding.  But just because a Search Engine indexes your website, does not necessarily mean the website is going to rank high.

We Develop Google Magnets

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is important to understand that Google, and the Search Engines, are really only EVER answering ONE SEARCH.  If you go to Google, or any other Search Engine, there’s only One Search Box… meaning only one question at a time can be answered.  For your website to rank high, Google needs to consider your website as a better, more relevant result for that one search.

Let’s be honest here… 

Getting your website indexed in Google, or in any of the, or even all of the other Search Engines is relatively easy.  It’s really only a submission process… anyone can do it. 


Getting your website to rank high in Google, and the other Search Engines is really an art form.  It literally takes skill and precision, combined with a very focused effort, at many different levels to garner a high, “First Page” rank in Google.  And, depending on the amount of competition you’re up against, it could literally take months, or even years to get there.

The reality is… you must be able to out-market (online) your competition, if you want to out-rank them.   The beautiful thing is… we specialize in helping you do this, one search-term at a time.

It all starts with our Free Website Analysis of your website.  We look at your website’s design, content, keywords, and structure to determine any immediate fixes needed.  We then perform a Basic Competitive Analysis Assessment of all of your competitors to give you an idea of what they’re doing.   Next we develop a Search Engine Optimization strategy that, if implemented, will increase your current Search Engine Rankings for your desired search terms.

The SynerSpect team of coders and experienced Search Engine Marketing professionals can implement your Optimization Strategy for you, to help ensure you get the desired results.

Search Engine Optimization is NOT Search Engine Marketing

It’s important to realize that a website, even a finely tuned and optimized website is NOT marketing…  Only Marketing Is Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization is only the First Step in Internet Marketing.  If you want to learn more about Internet Marketing, check out our All-Inclusive, Internet Marketing Package, Fusion.

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