FUSION Package

SynerSpect incorporates Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies and techniques within our exclusive, proprietary process while creating Your Market Dominating Web Presence. 

 We position your company for continual, lasting success and a lifetime of rewarding results.

Synergetic Internet Marketing

Our SYNERGETIC marketing program is based on bringing together various marketing strategies from different marketing worlds and combining them with our own exclusive and proprietary program to deliver unparalleled results.

 SynerSpect integrates countless Direct Marketing and Get Response marketing strategies, including persuasion techniques and candid calls to action, into the system.  By employing these offline tactics online, we are able to reach a highly motivated target audience.

 By speaking directly to your ideal prospect or client, we create an online rapport and deliver a much higher quality of lead.  This also increases your website conversion ratios resulting in a very high Return On Investment (ROI).


In-depth research is the core of the SynerSpect method.  We completely audit all of the niche keywords, phrases and perceived competition, to extract all relevant data, such as the site maps, page titles, descriptions, keyword density, internal links, back links, character counts, etc. All of this data is then used as the baseline for our proprietary comparative analysis.  


We leverage technology to determine, assess and actually “score” individual aspects of keywords, and the other elements of the competitive sites.  We determine  strengths and weaknesses of the competition and create our plan to out-perform them in a way that has a direct impact on the “natural” or “organic” search engine rankings.  


Our “results-proven” formula  delivers results far superior to the  short-term competition, while actually creating long-term results you can depend on. 

We help you realize profitability and understand the competitive aspects of each of your “real” market niches.


The SynerSpect method is based on a “results-proven” formula.  It is based on statistical data and competitive analysis compiled from many sources and considers many factors, including Google Monthly Searches, Relevant and Competitive Pages, The Actual and Perceived Strength of Search Term and Keyword Competition, Direct Competition Analysis and other key factors deemed necessary to make an educated decision to select and move forward with any particular Niche Marketing website.  

 Real Numbers.  Real Math.  Real Results.

We ONLY select and target profitable niche opportunities.  We review every Search Term and Keyword opportunity and compare those numbers with potential revenue sources to prepare a specific Opportunity Analysis for each term.  We guarantee that every website we create will meet and/or exceed the Estimated Traffic to Lead Capture ratios presented in the Opportunity Analysis.

We cannot guarantee, nor be responsible for, lack of conversion of leads to sales.  However, we will work with yours sales team to better understand what’s working and what’s not.. We will hone the messages, present clearer dialogue and hopefully raise conversion percentages.


  • Not Pay Per Click (PPC) or Ad Placement, so No Need For Monthly Recurring Fees
  • Laser-Target Ideal Prospects and Clients and Create An Online Rapport with Web Visitors
  • Delivers Consistent and Relevant Traffic Much Further Down The Buying Process
  • Higher Natural Rankings for Targeted Niche Allows You To Dominate Niche Markets
  • Gives Highest ROI When Compared To Any Other Internet Marketing Vehicle


It’s more than Optimization.  It’s more than Marketing.


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